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Nicoli was very kind and gentle agent. he explained kindly all about procedures of phurchasing blocks and he was always there when we had questions.

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Toshio and Miok, 2 Genesta Circuit, Redlynch

Pressure free experience

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Jason and Jennifer, Lot 111 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

Prompt service. Easy sale

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Jason and Jennifer, 11 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

Informative agent that delivers

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Jen and Jason, 9 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

Great agent. quick sale.

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Jason and Jennifer, Lot 208 Elderberrry, Bentley Park

Nickoli was super helpful during the whole process. Thanks Nickoli!

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Barbie, 1 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

It was really easy to negotiate and was fast.

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Eddy, 1001/12-21 Gregory Street, Westcourt

Nickoli was very easy to communicate with. He kept myself and my brothers up to date with offers.
He tried to get us the best price he could for the property and made suggestions on how we could improve it. Thank you to Nickoli for his excellent service and to One Stop for handling the rental side, great work Kathy.

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Dianne, 169 McFarlane Drive, Kanimbla

Very happy with the service provided!
Thank you!

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Robert and Donette, 36 Bellmere Lane, Redlynch

Professional service provided and prompt reply to all queries.

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Gino and Maree, 20 Halifax Drive, Redlynch

I has been a pleasure working with the agency.l have already given some of my work mates the agent contact

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Sikhangele, 26 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

We are delighted with his level of Service. He is a right person for this job. He keeps looking after for us until we moved in our new house, even after.
Many Thanks

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Chris and Yuna, 46 Springbrook Avenue, Redlynch

Nickoli and the One Stop Property Team are an absolutely pleasure to deal with. Had nothing but the best experience and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends.

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Christian and Yuko, 5 Genest Circuit, Redlynch

My wife and I worked with Nickoli Obersky \ Jarred to purchase Land for our first home and really can’t say enough good things about him. he is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends). he answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a land in this market is challenging in good location with good price, but working with Nickoli Obersky \ Jarred made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend his services.

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Mohit and Deepika, 16 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

One Stop Property were a real pleasure to deal with. Nickoli's communication and advice was great throughout the process. Him and Gerard made it a stress free experience for this first-time homeowner and I was put at ease. Would highly recommend them.

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Helen, 17 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

Very helpful and very friendly.

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Rabiab, 30 Halifax Drive, Redlynch

Nickoli was very knowledgeable about the outlook as well as the surrounding suburbs. He was very approachable, and communicated with us above expectation. We highly recommend Nickoli and the team at One Stop Property. Thank you.

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Shane and Jeffrey, 30 Elderberry Avenue, Bentley Park

Nice caring agent researched the area and tried his best to sell quickly would definitely recommend Nickoli

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Belinda, 38 Cairnwell Street, Smithfield

Nickoli has very good role in our life . He is very cooperative, understandble and good skilled person. He is supporting us from starting to till . Very responsible , active and smart marketing person.

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Vishal and Amita, 6 Genesta Circuit, Redlynch

Nickoli was always available and very helpful. Great Agent!

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Barbie, 96 Springbrook Avenue, Redlynch